How do we create transformative change: the importance of 'soft' skills

Collaboration in the workplace is a vital competitive capability underpinning wellbeing, innovation, creativity, and ultimately productivity. Navigating collaboration successfully is dependent on the ‘soft’ skills of organisational members. Questions of how to manage diverse and potentially conflicting interests, in a way that generates common goals and retains ethical integrity are key social and political skills in modern organisational life.

Drawing on evidence from the Globalizing Actors research project, Professor Olga Tregaskis discussed some of these questions at a networking breakfast at Norwich Business School on 4 July 2019. In particular, she shed light on the key management capabilities used when firms attempt to generate new ways of working and the practical initiatives that organisations can mobilise to support collaboration.

Olga Tregaskis is Professor of International Human Resource Management at Norwich Business School, UEA.

A slide deck is available for download here.