Inaugural Steering Group Meeting

We are very pleased to announce the first meeting of the project's steering group on 24 April 2017 and extend an open invitation to all current project participants or those interested in getting involved. You can prepare your speeches and essays on 

The project is in its first year of three and we have been making progress in developing our ideas, in establishing participating organizations, and in carrying out the first wave of interviews. We now want to take stock of where we are, seek advice from those in a range of firms and build the views of the participants into our plans for communication and engagement. Accordingly, we have arranged a meeting in which we will outline our progress so far and thinking concerning next steps with a view to getting useful feedback from participants under Chatham House rules of discussion. We want to ensure our work is relevant to participants and produces tangible benefits to our partner organizations.

The meeting will be held on 24 April 2017 in the Small Committee Room of the Strand campus of King’s College London. It will begin at 4.30pm, last for approximately an hour and be followed by drinks. In attendance will be the five members of the UK research team, a representative of our parallel research teams in Canada and Korea, three external advisers to the project and representatives of our participating organizations.

If you are a current participant or interested in becoming one, please confirm your attendance to Dr Philipp Kern at .